Beautiful Architectural Vizualizations

See Your Vision Come to Life
in Different Lighting Conditions
Show off your Ideas in Advance with
Compelling Realism & Visual Impact

Sales & Marketing Product Animations

Commercial & Business Visualizations

Product Visualizations
based solely on schematics
Photo-realistic Product Images
Perfect for crowdfunding projects & more...

Accurate Lighting for Photo Realism

Utilize High-End Models for
Inaccessible Product Lines
Simple to Intricate Modeling
according to your needs

Medical & Scientific Learning

Demonstrate & Educate,
engaging visual learning

3D Print Design

See Products Rendered in Different Materials
Before Going to Print

3D Character Modeling

Bring Creatures to LIFE,
from Concept to Function

Let's Work Together to Make Your Vision Come to Life


Architectural Visualization

Bring your concepts to life for your clients before any physical work is done. Utilize 3D visual imagery to powerfully communicate your skills and services.

Product Rendering

Did you know 52% of consumers are more confident purchasing online after watching a product video? Harness the power of visual information and education. 

Character & Organic

Inventors to 3D studios alike – benefit from Chris’ core understanding of anatomy, concept to final model know-how, to texturing and lighting expertise.

Jewelry Design / 3D Print

Modeling for print is an art form. It requires an understanding of proper set up, printer limitations & how to get around them, industry standard sizing, and much more.

The Process

  • Modeling

    Top quality, accurate, high attention to detail

  • Texturing

    Photo realistic textures yeilding photo realistic renders

  • Animation

    Bring your models to life, educate through great storytelling

  • Lighting

    Applied understanding of real world accurate lighting

  • Rendering

    Beautiful accurate results by top renderers such as VRay

  • 3D Print

    From concept, to model, to set up for 3D printing

Currently available for freelance!
Contact me to see how my skills can help you.


Hi, I am a Freelance 3D Artist, specializing in product and architectural visualizations.

I have over 17 years of experience working in the 3D industry. I have extensive knowledge in modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering photo realistic architectural and product visualizations.

I have spent much of my career as an art director where I oversaw and assisted in production for 3D visual elements and animation. Now I work as a full-time Freelance 3D Artist helping others achieve their business and personal goals.

Quality and deadlines are of the utmost importance to me and my working hours are flexible.

I look forward to bringing your goals to life!


What Others Say

“After working extensively and under extreme conditions with Chris, I know that he is quick to learn new software and techniques, willing to take on daunting challenges, hungry to push his personal creativity, and is definitely not afraid to put in the extra time and effort for any project.”

Shawn Lovette
Shawn LovetteDirector – Lefty Films

“Chris approaches leadership from a very inclusive, approachable starting point. He is very effective at striking a dynamic balance with his team, being at once thoughtful, fair and considerate while also being strong and effective. He is always loyal and ultimately aims to lead by serving his people as much as the organization he supports.”

Mike Mahoney
Mike MahoneyTraining Manager at The Southern California Intergovernmental Training and Development Center

“When working with Chris, It is impossible not to be affected by his drive to succeed and his love for the CG industry. There is little doubt in my mind that Chris can and will achieve any goal he sets his sights on. I can’t imagine any company that wouldn’t benefit from having Chris as a part of the team.”

Fred Conklin
Fred Conklin Graphic Artist at CTI Crew Training International

“Chris’ graphic work is very beautiful and he is always studying 3D and wanting to learn more. He is a focused, hardworking individual who takes his job seriously and produces incredible graphics. He gets along well with everyone and has a contagiously positive attitude. You couldn’t hire a nicer guy.”

Patrick Gerrity
Patrick GerrityMotion Graphics Artist / Animator at Ketchum Labs

“Chris is a hard working individual with a strong eye for detail and design. He has a comprehensive understanding of 3D art with a high proficiency in modeling, lighting, and rendering.”

Brett Rapp
Brett Rapp 3D Generalist/Character Animator/Graphic Artist at V! Studios

“Chris has always been an exceptional person all around. It was a privilege to work under his management for 4 years at L3 Communications. He is very organized, detail-oriented, and efficient at whatever he puts his hands to.”

Matt Lee
Matt Lee Web and Administration Technical Specialist at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

“Chris’ intelligence, leadership, and his approach to the job, made it easier to adjust to new projects.  He is an experienced and talented 3D artist that is an invaluable asset to any organization seeking a highly motivated individual.”

Justin-Antonio Appel
Justin-Antonio AppelProduction Designer at Caesars Entertainment, Inc.

“Chris is well liked and well respected by his colleagues, management, and customers alike. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris and highly recommend him as he would make an excellent addition to any organization.”

Suzanne Royer
Suzanne Royer Instructional Designer

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris on a major commercial motor vehicle contract for the past couple of years. Chris has always produced exceptional graphics for our training products, and really brought the teams vision to fruition. He would be a great asset to any company.”

Efrosini Demertzis
Efrosini Demertzis Learning Advisor/Training and Development/Instructional Design at Cisco

“Chris is a very efficient, hardworking artist. He was always able to meet the deadline and produced exceptional graphics.  His dedication and quality helped us earn the favor of one of our customers and resulted in three years of contract extension.”

Soon Chang
Soon Chang Full Stack Developer